Thursday, June 5, 2014

Zoey Texts: Fosters

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Sticky Blogs: Fosters Are Coming

Well, Mother broke the terrible news that her dream of fostering more cats is becoming a reality.  Yes, that is cats, as in plural, as in multiple felines.  A special foster room has been dedicated to these cats, which (rumor has it) is likely to include kittens.  It makes me want to hork.  So I did hork, all over Mother's gas stove top.  She had fun cleaning that.  No, she didn't, but that was the point.  How else am I to protest this injustice!?

My allergies have returned in full force.  I've been stealing the dry food at night right from the cupboard.  Mother didn't understand what I was having an allergic reaction to, since she had been putting the dry food bowls up when she goes to bed at night.  My plan has been terminated, as she discovered me hiding quietly in the cupboard when she went to get some granola.  I must find a new strategy.  Yes, it makes me itch and hork, but what can I say?  I love me some dry food and I intend to continue trying to eat it against all odds.

So busted.
This foster thing is really freaking meowt.  I mean, what if she falls in love with one of them?  It happened with the tortie.  In the past year, I went from being queen of this castle to fur sib of three additional cats!  Mother says she is NOT adopting any more, that she just wants to give the shelter cats a loving, comfortable, more spacious home until they find their forever families, but can you blame me for being skeptical at this point?

On the other paw, she has been very understanding of my situation, and has been giving me special privileges including a fridge-top bed of my own.  This time of year I prefer windows, so she has cleared  a path for me to sit in the bathroom box window and in the kitchen window above the sink.  My paws almost never touch the floor anymore, meowhaha!  So there's that, I guess.

Cat Yoga.
Maybe the foster thing won't be so bad.  I mean, hey, it will give me more time to strategize how to steal more dry food!  What can I say?  I has a habit.

-Sticky the Kitty

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sticky's Story

Each of us has a story.  My story happened first, so I will share it first!  My name is Sticky the Kitty.  Many people wonder how or why I acquired that name, and it's actually a funny story.  When Mommy was trying to come up with a name for me, she thought I was so beautiful that no names really suited me.  She said I was the most gorgeous kitten she had ever seen!  Pretty nice compliment, right?  Anyway, some of the names she "tried on" me included Star, Amber, and Pumpkin.  For some reason, none of these names seemed to really suit me.  Mommy said my personality called for something very unique, and though she loved those three names, they did not "stick". 

As a joke one day, Mommy said, "Let's call you Sticky.  Maybe then something will stick!"  Well, here it is almost nine years later, and Sticky stuck!  It certainly is unique, and somehow, everyone thinks it does suit me.

I was born July 9, 2005, and joined my forever family in the fall of that year, not long before the smallest hooman was born.  The little girl hooman had just turned two, and she was all kinds of fun.  Even at a very young age, I knew she was pawsome and bonded with her instantly.  She is MY hooman, my unfurry sister, my best friend forever.

The smallest hooman, a.k.a the little boy hooman, joined our family in December 2005, the day after Christmas.  I wasn't real fond of him at first, and my brofur, Tweak, basically decided the baby hooman was for himself.  Tweak stood guard by the baby boy hooman constantly, and hissed at me if I even dared to approach!  Mommy loved Tweak very much, but he crossed the rainbow bridge not long after the baby hooman was born. 

For eight blissful years, I was an only furchild.  Then, Mommy got this crazy idea that I would benefit from siblings.  Are you KIDDING ME?  Anyway, she began looking in 2012 and found a beautiful man cat who was with a rescue in Cleveland.  She did the paperwork and was prepared to meet him and bring him home, but his pre-adoption vet appointment revealed that he had stomatitis, a condition where a cat's body literally rejects its teeth and all of their teeth need to be removed.  Mommy had never heard of this before, and she was afraid she didn't know enough to help him the way he needed.  The kitty's foster mom said she was probably going to just keep him, as she'd had him for a very long time already and was familiar with his condition.  Mommy was sad; she felt awful for what the kitty was going through, and felt like she "lost" a cat she had definitely welcomed into her heart.

A few months later, in June 2013, Mommy went to our local shelter to see if any cats there wanted to adopt her.  She ended up bringing home a fat, asthmatic, 3 year-old black cat who she named Sylvester.  I was not impressed.  However, we did become furriends after a few weeks, and even snuggled together.  Life was pretty good for me and my brofur.

And then I got sick.

I have severe food allergies, and it took a lengthy trial and error approach to discover that Meow Mix dry food was the one thing I could eat without losing my fur in clumps and scratching myself until I oozed and bled.  It did still cause me to vomit daily, but it was the lesser of all evils.  In the winter of 2013, we got a bad batch of Meow Mix, and I became critically ill.  I lost over half my body weight, going from a healthy and fit 9 pounds to a mere 4 1/2 pounds.  My bones were visible.  I vomited multiple times per day.  Mommy and Daddy spent close to $1,000 on various wet and dry foods, feline meal supplements, and medications, in addition to veterinary care.  Our former vet told Mommy that I should be put down.  HISS!!!!!!!!!!!  Thankfully, Mommy did not agree!  As it turns out, Fancy Feast beef and gravy is the one food I can eat without horking all over the house or tearing my fur out!  It took many long months, but I recovered with my family's perseverance, and lots of love and support from my furriends (thanks, doods!).

I now have two additional sisfurs.  Saraphina, the food-addicted 18-pound panther, and Zoey Martles, the tiniest tortie you've ever seen, joined our family in November 2013 and April 2014.  Technically, Zoey Martles was here for two months before her adoption, because Mommy fostered her and FAILED as a foster.  Foster fail = adoption.  I do not like the tortie. 

That is my story as of now.  I like social media, and I even managed to get my paws on an iPhone, which I use to text/harass/state my demands to my Mom.  Heh.  It's pretty sweet.

My fur sibs will be posting their own stories here soon.  Mommy will also post.  The little hoomans may also contribute, we shall see.  Thank mew for reading our blog!  Talk soon!

Sticky the Kitty

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sticky Blogs: Here Goes!

Hello, friends!  Welcome to our new blog!  We were getting frustrated with Facebook's hide-and-seek game of hiding our posts from our friends.  Mommy calls this "extortion", because Facebook is either trying to get us to click around and interact more with our friends so they can earn more money from advertising, or frustrating Page admins to pay money for Facebook to stop hiding their posts.  It's not fair, and frankly, we've been hissing about it quite a lot.

Don't worry, we will definitely keep our Facebook page and update often!  We have a lot of friends whose Pages we love to visit!  The blog will be for us to write longer posts, share important information (like updates on the fur family's health), and share some of our favorite this one of me nomming on my feather toy!

We have a few friends who call Facebook Facebutt.  MOL!!!!!  You doods crack me up.

We hope mew all enjoy our new blog.  Thank mew for being here and sharing in our adventures!  For now, it's time for me to try to talk Mommy into fourth meal.  I'm extra hungry today from all the napping I've been doing in the window.

-Sticky the Kitty